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Poker Let It Ride:

There are 4 games in the Poker Let It Ride category of which 4 playable demos


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B3W Group - RTG - Netent - Betsoft

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Our rating: 3.82/5
Let Them Ride
Added on: 7/25/06
Category: Poker Let It Ride
Software: RTG
Our rating: 2.79/5
Let It Ride
Added on: 10/4/07
Category: Poker Let It Ride
Software: Netent
Our rating: 2.38/5
Ride'm Poker
Added on: 11/25/10
Category: Poker Let It Ride
Software: Betsoft
Our rating: 0.82/5
Let It Ride
Added on: 11/2/06
Category: Poker Let It Ride
Software: B3W Group

More information:

Let it Ride is a variation of traditional five-card poker, created in 1993. It is played with a deck of 52 cards mixed automatically before each game. Each player receives three cards he may combine with two cards visible to all players. The game begins with a round of bets. They are placed on 3 bet circles on the table. During the game each player can withdraw a maximum of two of his three bets. The goal is to form a hand that allows you to win. Here they are with their payout : a pair of 10 or more (1 to 1) a double pair (2 to 1) three of a kind (3 to1), straight (5 to 1), flush (8 to 1), full (11 to 1 ), four of a kind (50 to 1), a straight flush (200 to 1) and a royal flush (1,000 to 1).Unlike most other variants of Poker, Let It Ride, players are not opponents. They should just have a winning hand. Furthermore, no exchange of cards is proposed. Finally, Let it ride is very simple. The rounds are played quickly. .It has all the necessary qualities to make it a great casino game online and at land based casinos.


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