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Money wheel:

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Our rating: 0.83/5
Spin a Win
Added on: 8/2/06
Category: Money wheel
Software: Playtech

More information:

One may come across wheel of fortune under several names such as big six wheel or wheel of fortune. All these names refer in fact to the same online and land based casino game. Very popular in the United States, at the moment it is not available in any French gambling institutions.

Really fun and entertaining, the wheel of fortune is loved by players because the rules are not difficult to understand and no complex strategies are required. All you have to do is bet on the number of your choice. You have the possibility to place your chips on 1: present 23 times on the wheel pays your bet once, 2 present 15 times pays 2 times your bet, 5 present 8 times and pays 5:1. 10 present 4 times pays 10 times your bet, 20 present twice pays 20 times your bet and 40: red or black present once pays 40:1.

Despite these significant payoffs, wheel of fortune happens to be a game where the bank has a higher advantage. In fact the house advantage can go up to about11% on number 1 and 40. therefore do not devote yourself to big six wheel to get rich instead play a game which is much more remunerative such as roulette, black jack or video poker in order to have an entertaining and pleasant moment.


The wheel of fortune is an online and a live casino game also known as big six wheel. It is not available in French casinos. However it is really popular in big casinos in the United States such as Reno in Atlantic City and on the Las Vegas strip. Despite its name, players do not win much but the


The wheel of fortune or big six is an online and live casino game. It is loads of fun and entertaining. It is really simple, like roulette place a bet on the following numbers: 1,2,5,10,20 and 40. It is based on luck but this advice and tips are given to allow you to play more efficiently. This


Wheel of fortune is a game that can be found at online or land based casino also known as six wheel. It gets its name from the battle fields but it became popular as a carnival game.

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