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There are 6 games in the Craps category of which 6 playable demos


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MicroGaming - Playtech - RTG - Chartwell - Betsoft - Rival

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Our rating: 4.60/5
Added on: 7/25/06
Category: Craps
Software: RTG
Our rating: 4.52/5
Added on: 10/10/06
Category: Craps
Software: MicroGaming
Our rating: 4.42/5
Added on: 10/17/06
Category: Craps
Software: Chartwell
Our rating: 3.51/5
Added on: 6/14/10
Category: Craps
Software: Rival
Our rating: 1.23/5
Added on: 10/18/10
Category: Craps
Software: Betsoft
Our rating: 0.55/5
Added on: 8/2/06
Category: Craps
Software: Playtech

More information:

Craps is an online and a land based casino game really popular in the United States. In fact, in this country it is in the leading pack of the most played games. In Europe, it is not really known. Nevertheless, it is played in numerous gambling establishments and has these wild amateurs.

Critics do not approve of its difficult game play. It is actually a question of richness. There are a vast number of bets which is sometimes difficult for the novices to comprehend. However this does not stop them to sticking to only a few bets. In this case craps can be as simple as roulette or blackjack.

It is precisely this range of bets that spice up the game. You may bet on a unique dice throw or the outcome of a result which has to come before another. Also certain bets may be passed anytime whereas others can only be taken under certain conditions. Some bets may be increased, decreased, removed when it is convenient for you and others can not be changed once placed. Finally, the payoffs are also different according to the chosen bets. They go up to 1:1 to 11:1.

With all these numerous possibilities, craps can be convenient to all types of players. Those who wish to win big on a single wining bet and those who prefer to take less but quite often. Those who want to know quickly if they have won or those who love the exhilarating excitement which consists of waiting for the result of your bet.


Craps is a really popular game in the United States. Some people think it is rather difficult but it is actually easy to play. On the other hand, it has a large range of bets can be intimidating in the beginning. Thus it is advisable to learn a few rules.


Craps is a dice game. Thus luck is really important. No technique affects the result of the throw. However there are few methods to improve your game. In this article we will have a look at the several strategies of craps.


Craps is a dice game. Dices appeared at the beginning of humanity. Made from animal bones or pieces of wood such as oak, they already existed in ancient Egypt over 4600 years ago. This article looks at the history of craps.

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