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La Boule:

There is 1 game in the La Boule category of which 1 playable demo


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B3W Group

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Our rating: 0.52/5
La Boule
Added on: 11/2/06
Category: La Boule
Software: B3W Group

More information:

The boule is a very popular game played online and at land based casino. It is quite similar to the roulette. Actually it is a simplification of this classic among other classics.

Like in roulette, you have to guess the number or the slot on which the ball or the ivory ball is going to land. To do this, you need to place your chips on the table. However, these days the slots are fewer. From 37 to38 depending on American or European roulette. There are 9 for the boule.

Plus the bets are fewer. No more split, street, square, corner six, dozen, column, there is only even and odd, simple like in roulette, red / black even /odd and high/ low. However, in boule number 5 does not count as either red, black, even, odd, high and low. Thus counts as a loser for these selections.

The two games are run the same way. In fact, it has the same dealer expressions known as bouleur place your bets, the bets have been placed, no more bets.

There are two main differences. No announcement allows the player to place these chips by the dealer. Plus the minimum bets are lower than in roulette.


In the world of casino games both online and at a land based casino the boule is really popular because it is similar to roulette but much more simple. In addition the minimum bets are really low.


Boule is a casino game which takes the concept of roulette and simplifies it. It has two types of bets: full numbers and simple chances. Thus it has the same strategies of the game. Betting systems are theoretically proven methods for wining money. Unfortunately, with the limits put in place by the


Boule is inspired from the reign of the casino. It draws its origins from its illustrious ancestor roulette. Thus if Blaise Pascal did not develop the actual system of this classic, the boule would not have seen the light of day.

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