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There are 41 games in the Blackjack category of which 41 playable demos


Featured games:

Our rating: 4.96/5
Added on: 8/1/06
Category: Blackjack
Software: Netent
Our rating: 4.92/5
Spanish Blackjack
Added on: 10/10/06
Category: Blackjack
Software: MicroGaming
Our rating: 4.91/5
European Blackjack
Added on: 10/10/06
Category: Blackjack
Software: MicroGaming
Our rating: 4.90/5
European Blackjack (high limit)
Added on: 10/10/06
Category: Blackjack
Software: MicroGaming
Our rating: 4.89/5
European Blackjack Gold (5 hands)
Added on: 1/21/07
Category: Blackjack
Software: MicroGaming
Our rating: 4.88/5
Atlantic City Blackjack
Added on: 10/10/06
Category: Blackjack
Software: MicroGaming

Blackjack's News :

Top 5 tips for Winning at Blackjack

I have always enjoyed blackjack which is one of the games that made me win more money in my gaming life. Today, if I have great difficulty using the card counting systems, as I indicated to you in this article, I still manage to win regularly because of the good old basic strategy. The latter is inevitable... More

Why should you avoid insurance at blackjack?

As permitted under the rule of blackjack if the dealer has an ace card face up, you can take out insurance against his natural, i. e. a hand of 21 with only two cards. In this case, you must bet half your original bet. If the dealer gets a natural, well you lose the round but you still win your insurance... More

The end of card counting in blackjack

If there is an effective method to earn money at the casino, it is indeed counting cards in blackjack. This technique is to track the distribution of cards to determine if the shoe has more high cards, this is to your advantage, or more low cards, which benefit the bank. Based on this valuable information,... More
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Games list:

Name Category Options Software Added on Our rating Their rating Nb of voters Other user's favorite Times played
Double Exposure Blackjack Blackjack MicroGaming 10/10/06 4.87 0 0 0 6453
Vegas DownTown Blackjack Blackjack MicroGaming 10/10/06 4.86 0 0 0 5567
Super Fun 21 Blackjack Blackjack MicroGaming 10/10/06 4.85 0 0 0 5512
Blackjack Blackjack Chartwell 8/7/06 4.84 0 0 0 5968
Vegas Strip Blackjack Blackjack MicroGaming 10/10/06 4.84 0 0 0 8309
Blackjack Blackjack MicroGaming 10/10/06 4.82 1 1 0 6741
Lucky 7 Blackjack Blackjack Chartwell 10/17/06 4.75 0 0 0 6469
European Blackjack Blackjack Chartwell 10/17/06 4.74 4 4 2 19859
Single Deck Blackjack Blackjack Chartwell 10/17/06 4.74 0 0 0 5872
Atlantic City Blackjack Gold (5 hands) Blackjack MicroGaming 1/21/07 4.71 0 0 0 5858
Blackjack Pro Series Blackjack Netent 7/27/07 4.64 4 3 0 11803
Blackjack Blackjack RTG 7/25/06 4.48 4 2 0 14740
Blackjack Blackjack Rival 6/16/10 4.31 4 5 1 17246
SideBet Blackjack Blackjack Chartwell 6/20/12 3.39 4 1 0 7213
Blackjack Stand or Bust Blackjack Chartwell 5/7/09 3.32 4 1 0 5343
Super 7 Blackjack Blackjack Betsoft 10/18/10 3.21 4 6 0 11867
Blackjack European Blackjack Betsoft 10/18/10 2.72 4 26 2 82606
Blackjack American Blackjack Betsoft 1/6/11 1.95 3 9 1 13917
Blackjack Surrender (5 hands) Blackjack Playtech 8/2/06 0.95 0 0 0 8131
Blackjack Surrender Blackjack Playtech 8/2/06 0.94 5 1 1 5944

More information:

Blackjack is the most popular card-game in the world of online and real-life casinos. Very accessible, it demands, in order to win, to have a hand of a higher value than the dealers without getting more than 21 and therefore losing the game. Some game options add some reflexion and tactical considerations. Each turn, the player can take one or more cards, stop, give up or double. When you get a pair, you can split it into two hands which are played separately. If the dealer has an ace as his showing card, you can take an insurance against his getting a blackjack. Even if this game is very accessible, it demands a method in order to gain profit from it. This is one of the reason why blackjack is so popular. It is possible to diminish the house edge by using a basic strategy. Tables can indicate the optimal way to play according to your hand and the dealers showing card. Another technique is even more profitable. It consists in following which cards are dealt to determine what is your advantage and whether you should raise or lower your bets. This method is known as card-counting and allows you to have an advantage when playing. But card-counting is only possible in a brick and mortar casino. In online casinos, cards are shuffled automatically after each game, unless you play live blackjack. This game mode allows you to follow the gestures of the dealer thanks to a webcam. At this kind of table, conditions are the same as in a real-life gambling establishment and you can therefore use the same card-counting techniques.


Blackjack is a very simple game, however before playing in an online or land based casino you need to master the rules.


Online and land based casino black jack has one the most efficient strategies. This article highlights simple strategies to use, the basic strategy and card counting system.


Nowadays blackjack is the most popular played game both online and at a land based casino. But it was never this famous. In fact, it took years before it became available worldwide in casinos. This article looks back the history of blackjack also known as twenty one.

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