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Donald Trump is suing two casinos that bear his name


Businessman Donald Trump is suing two casinos in Atlantic City that bear his name.
He wants the owners to either improve their service, or change their name.
The real estate mogul who was the chairman of an empire of casinos during the glorious days of Atlantic City, has filed this complaint against the Trump Entertainment Resorts on Tuesday, August 5. More...

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The construction of the Paradise City in South Korea begins in October


The huge entertainment complex - that also features a large casino - called Paradise City is the result of the joint venture with the Sega Sammy Holdings and the Paradise group.
It is scheduled to open in early 2017.
The entertainment complex is located near the Incheon airport in the outskirts of Seoul in South Korea. More...

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Goa will create a regulatory authority for land-based casinos


Goa is currently the only state in India that has authorised land-based casinos in their territory.
Now it is necessary that a regulatory authority must be established to control this industry.
The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the party in power. More...

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The first casino in Tahiti will open in 2021


The president of French Polynesia, Gaston Flosse, has just announced that Group 70 International had been selected to develop a huge casino complex in Tahiti with a budget of $3 billion.
Works are going to start in 6 to 9 months More...

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Banyan Tree will soon open a casino in Vietnam


The Banyan Tree Holdings group of Singapore hopes to soon receive a permission from the Vietnamese government to open a casino in their Laguna Lang Co complex which they opened in March 2013.
An impact on the development of the establishment and the local economy More...

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Japan will authorise three land-based casinos


If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you will probably know that Japan has been working on a law to legalise casinos in their territory for several years now.
The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 appear to have accelerated the process, since the new law has been submitted to the Parliament. More...

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A fine of 100,000 dollars for the MGM group


The Nevada Gaming Commission is the regulatory authority of the state Nevada, and they are responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the gambling industry in this area.
In October 2013, The authority filed a complaint against the company MGM Resorts International. More...

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BetOnSoft changes their name to Saucify


BetOnSoft was the name of a well-known developer for online casino games, such as City of Gold, Football Fever and Tails of New York.
The company decided now to change their image with the new brand name Saucify.
In the article below, you will find out more details, and that this change is not a coincidence. More...

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Russia authorises casinos in Crimea and in Sochi


On Wednesday, July 23, the Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a law to authorise the creation of zones in Crimea and Sochi in which casinos will be legal.
These regions are now the fifth and the sixth zone in which gambling is legal, since the national prohibition five years ago was put in place. More...

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Learn how to make a fortune at the casino


Did you know that there are many players in the world who managed to make a fortune in an online or offline casino with just using a single bet of a few cents?
If you also want to be one of them, there is only one solution: you must play a slot machine with a large jackpot. More...

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